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Conference Program Chair Message

On behalf of the Steering Committee members, I would like to welcome all of you to the 2nd International Conference On Management of Emergent Digital EcoSystems (MEDES) in Bangkok.

The MEDES conference series provide a unique opportunity for researchers and scientists to share knowledge and scientific achievements by bridging into an interactive and attractive forum several very important research fields related to Digital Ecosystems. More precisely, the scientific focus of MEDES is on technologies for designing, representing, exchanging and processing data and services in digital ecosystems. It is important to note that the importance and success of the MEDES conference series can be measured not only in scientific and academic goals but also in the emphasis on contributing to the development of local and regional research activities in developing countries since digital ecosystem research themes are being increasingly related and used in interdisciplinary applications that can play a major role in open network environments where both data and computing resources can be used to meet some of the information processing needs of economically challenged countries. Another goal of MEDES is to bring together scientists from the world over and from research communities in developing countries to share and exchange knowledge, experience and research results.

I personally had the honour and the pleasure to chair the 2nd edition of MEDES. This edition aims to provide cutting-edge approaches, technologies and insights on emerging modelling, representation and technologies that take into account the amount, type and diversity of information and services accessible in digital ecosystems. This year, we received 93 papers from around the world. We are gratified by the international diversity of this conference: authors of submitted work hail from no less than 17 countries. The conference program committee included 200 members (all of whom have been selected for their strong expertise and special interest in their respective research areas). The committee members had a challenging task of choosing the highest quality submissions. After a peer review process in which each paper was reviewed by at least four referees, 26 were accepted as regular papers and 5 as short papers for publication in the conference proceedings. In addition, we accepted 6 papers as posters/demonstrations (out of 15 submitted) and 4 papers (out of 6) representing interesting Ph.D. research contributions.

I would like to thank and recognize the members of the various conference committees for making this year’s edition of MEDES a successful event. Thanks to the institutions that are participating in sponsoring, corporation and assistance of this conference. We are grateful for the cooperation of ACM SIGAPP and IFIP. We are also grateful for the help of Kasetsart University, NECTEC, French Embassy in Thailand, and all the colleagues for their warm welcome, support and invaluable assistance. Endless thanks to our Keynote speakers for providing us and sharing with us emerging and challenging topics. Also, many thanks to our workshop chairs for their great efforts in organizing insightful workshops and an excellent scientific program for the MEDES’10 edition. We would like to present many thanks to the local organizing committee members for their precious help, particularly to Professor Asanee Kawtrakul for her support at all levels. Many thanks to all of them for the many hours of volunteer work they spent to ensure a successful event.

Finally, we welcome you to MEDES and the beautiful city of Bangkok. We hope that you will leave this event enriched with new ideas and friends. We also hope you enjoy your stay. Next year, we invite you to participate in MEDES 2011 which will be hosted in the city of Philadelphia in the United States of America. We look forward to your contribution to the digital ecosystem community next year and in the coming years as well.


Richard Chbeir

Local Organization Chair Message

On behalf of Organizing Committee, We are delighted and honored to host this "The 2nd International Conference on Management of Emergent Digital EcoSystems (MEDES’10)" today and to welcome you to Bangkok.

We wish to extend a warm welcome to MEDES’10 participants and researchers and honor guests from our alliance agencies. I realize that you are fully dedicated to MEDES’10 sessions that will follow but I do hope you will also take time to enjoy fascinating Bangkok, the top tourist destination in Asia today, with its fantastic setting, friendly people and multi-cultural cuisine. Thailand is a country with a mix of historical sites, cultural traditions, modern structures and amazing night life.
Please feel free to find the information in the booklet.
We wish you all a memorable stay in Thailand and every success in achieving your desired aims through attendance at this conference

Welcome and enjoy MEDES 2010.

Asanee Kawtrakul